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>> Monday, February 08, 2010

1) NO MAN'S LAND / NICIJA ZEMLJA (Bosnian-Serbian, French & English languages with English subtitles)

This is a tragic war film that is set in the midst of the Bosnian War (1992-1995). This film tells us about two wounded soldiers, a Muslim Bosniak & a Christian Bosnian Serb who are caught between their lines during the war, in a struggle for survival. The two soldiers confront each other in a trench, where they wait for dark. They trade insults & even find some common ground. Confounding the situation is another wounded Bosniak soldier who wakes up from unconsciousness. A land mine had been buried beneath him by the Bosnian Serbs. If he makes any move, the land mine would explode.

A French sergeant of the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) tries to get involved in effort to help the three trapped soldiers. However, he is facing difficulties as he received orders from the high command not to get involved with the situation. UNPROFOR's mission in Bosnia was to guard the humanitarian aid convoys, to remain neutral & act as a mere bystander. They shouldn't get involved with the conflicts that is happening in the war. Luckily, an English reporter arrives on the scene, bringing media pressure that eventually moves the United Nations high command to swing in to action to try to save the soldiers.

This film had won numerous awards, including Academy Awards & Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign Language Film in 2001.


p/s: For next parts, please search on YouTube with keyword "Nicija Zemlja (x/10)" from user 'KyoNanashi'

2) PARADISE NOW (Arabic language with English subtitles)

This amazing film tells us about two Palestinian childhood friends, Said & Khaled who live in Nablus, West Bank & have been recruited for suicide attacks in Tel Aviv, Israel. It focuses on what would be their last days together.

Their handlers, who are from an unidentified "resistance group" tell them that the attack will take place on the next day. Both of them record videos glorifying Allah & their cause, and bid their families & loved ones goodbye, while trying to behave normally to avoid arousing suspicion. The next day, they shave off their hair & beards and wear suits in order to look like Israelis. Their cover story is that they are going to a wedding.

An explosive belt is then attached to each of them. The handlers are the only ones with the keys needed to remove the belts without detonating them. Both of them are instructed to detonate the bombs at the same place, which is a military check point in Israel, with a time interval of 15 minutes so that the second bomb will kill police arriving after the first blast.

This film had won numerous awards, including Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign Language Film in 2005. It was also nominated for an Academy Award in the same category in the same year as well.


p/s: For next parts, please search on YouTube with keyword "Paradise Now x of 9" from user 'sidibill'

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