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Ini pun adalah entri ulangan. I wrote this entry few months back. Maybe ade yg belum baca lagi. So, selamat membaca & selamat menonton 2 video kat bawah ni. :)

Many of us know how Islam was really flourishing in Europe for a period of 800 years (711-1492), particularly in the Southern part of Spain or better known as the region of Andalusia during the period of Medieval Time or Middle Ages or also known as the Dark Ages according to the Westerners. Everything began in the year 711 when an Umayyad General from North Africa (modern day Morocco) named Tariq bin Ziyad & his army crossed the strait that separating the African & European continents (modern day Strait of Gibraltar) & landed in the land of Hispania (modern day Iberian Peninsular which consists of Spain & Portugal) which at that time was ruled by the cruel & barbaric Visigoths. In just a matter of few years, Tariq bin Ziyad & his army managed to defeat the Visigoths & conquered most of the Iberian peninsular. They then called the new conquered land as Al-Andalus or Andalusia in English.

For almost 800 years, Spain was under the light of Islam. Cities like Cordoba, Granada, Seville & Toledo were the modernest cities in the whole Europe at that time. In Cordoba, the capital city of Islamic Empire in Spain, people live in proper houses made of bricks & there were even street lightings & running waters while people in other part of Europe were still living in wooden houses & mud huts, suffering from the feudalism system & tension from the Catholic Church. Religion, knowledge & culture were the top priorities of the Muslim people back in those years. Names like Ibn Rusyd (Averroes), Al-Zahrawi (Albucasis), Ibn Bajjah (Avempace), Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar), Ibn Al-Baitar, Ibn Jubayr, Ibn Tufail (Abubacer), Al-Jayyani, Al-Zarqali (Arzachel), Al-Majriti & many more were so famous even until now because of their knowledge & contributions to science, music, philosophy etc.

Map of Andalusia in 11th Century

Nevertheless, this great empire was gradually getting weaker & weaker from days to days & it slowly broke up into several individual kingdoms, ruled by different rulers & became rivals among each other. This was seen as a great opportunity by the Catholic kingdoms of Northern Spain to reconquer the land of Spain from the Muslims. Their mission was called 'Reconquista' which means Reconquest in English. From time to time, one by one Muslim cities like Cordoba, Seville, Toledo & many more fell into their hands. In the year 1492, Granada, the last Muslim's stronghold in Spain also eventually fell into the hands of Ferdinand II of Aragon & his queen, Isabella of Castille. This means Catholic kingdoms of Northern Spain have officially succeeded with their mission to reconquer the land of Spain for the Catholic people from the Muslims. And they eventually forced all Muslims & Jews who lived in Spain to convert to Catholicism. This order was called as 'Inquisición' or Inquisition in English. It was established to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms & also as an act of cleanliness of blood in Spain. Those who didn't want to convert were expelled from Spain & have their assets seized. Some were even killed. It was indeed a very ruthless action.

Islamic civilisation in Spain has left us with amazing architectures which among them are Mezquita Cathedral in Cordoba & Alhambra in Granada. Mezquita (Spanish word for mosque) was not actually a cathedral. It was originally a mosque before it was transformed into a cathedral. It was once the 2nd biggest mosque in the world after Masjidil Haram in Mecca & is perhaps the most accomplished monument of the Umayyad Dynasty in Spain. The construction of the mosque started in 784 & was completed in 987. In 1236, it was eventually transformed into a Catholic cathedral during the Spanish Reconquista. Meanwhile, Alhambra which is situated in Granada was a palace & fortress complex of the Muslim rulers of Granada. The constructions of the buildings were completed in the middle of 14th century & it finally fell into the hands of King Ferdinand II of Aragon & Queen Isabella of Castile in 1492.

Mezquita from afar, Cordoba

Mezquita, Cordoba

Interior of Mezquita, Cordoba

Alhambra from afar, Granada

Interior of Alhambra, Granada

Interior of Alhambra, Granada

This is just a short story from the history of Islam in Spain. To those who are interested to know more about it, I'd like to recommend you guys to watch these 2 documentaries that I’ve attached below. It is important to know that without Islamic civilisation in Spain back in the Middle Ages, there won't be Renaissance & there won't even be a modern & civilised Europe that we see these days. All the knowledge that they have today owe it all to the Islamic Spain. Nevertheless, some still neglect this.

So, enjoy watching these 2 documentaries.

p/s: To all Malaysian students who are currently studying in Europe, I highly recommend u all to spend at least 7 days in Spain, particularly the Southern region (Andalusia). You wont regret a second of it. Spain will amaze u. Trust me. There's no word to express its beauty & uniqueness. :)



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kahfi8 Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 8:06:00 AM GMT+8  


video dlm file asal ade tak?

deennasour Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 1:38:00 PM GMT+8  

wah untung dpt belajar kat luar negara,
raya aidiladha balik perak?

asuhara Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 6:09:00 PM GMT+8  

wahhh..andalusia mmglah my dream place 2 visit especially Al-hambra tu!

p/s:thanks ya visit blog saya! have a nice day.

Janggeltrekker Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 11:19:00 AM GMT+8  

Wahh nice blog too... Keep writing and blogging..

Thanks melawat blog saya..

Fazrul Shahril Monday, November 24, 2008 at 12:52:00 PM GMT+8  

Salam Bro,

Sihat ka? dasyat la.. kat sana.. hmm tempat dia cantik2 kan.. heee tak tau la berpeluang ka tak ke sana nanti.. heee

beruangbuncit Monday, November 24, 2008 at 8:07:00 PM GMT+8  

Salam dari Jepun. Thanks for visiting my blog. Really interesting blog this is.

BalQis Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 7:01:00 AM GMT+8  

Saya nak gi tempat ni januari nanti, insyaAllah...

sehari dua cukup tak kat granada?
pastu kalau tak go cordova, rasa2nya ada kerugian tak?

bagi advice sket, tgh wat planning nak situ nnati, insyaAllah~

Mawar Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 10:54:00 AM GMT+8  

Salam Sdr Jhaz

terima kasih ke "rumah" saya. "Sedang Malaikat Berdoa" (Dewan Sastera, Nov 2008) antaranya berlatar Sepanyol.

salam kenal.


Wahidah Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 12:07:00 PM GMT+8  

salam ziarah...masuk blog ni mcm dpt jelajah satu dunia rsnya...huhuh..

fiza Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 3:39:00 PM GMT+8  

salam ziarah... menjengok2 blog org lain di kala sunyi dan sepi... letih bekerja pon boleh kata jgk... bestnya dpt peluang jalan2 ke tmpt orang nih...


fadzlina shukri Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 7:42:00 PM GMT+8  

salam..tenkiu.sgt relevant. mmg da plan nak g spain dis hols. insyaallah dpt hayati lebih sket kalo da ada basic idea b4 pegi and tgk sniri tmpt tu kan. tenkiu. =)

mazzein Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 8:44:00 PM GMT+8  

salam belfast
nak pergi spain
insyaallah summer nie
besarnya kuasa allah
islam pernah perintah 2/3 dunia
marilah kembalikan kegemilangan itu

JHaZKiTaRo Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 5:39:00 AM GMT+8  

To kahfi8:
wsalam.. oww.. takde.. embed from google video..

To deennasour:
alhamdulillah.. insyaAllah balik end of dec kalau takde aral melintang

To asuhara:
yup.. its everyone's dream place termasuk saya dulu.. alhamdulillah sbb dah sampai.. tempat die mmg subhanallah sgt cantik.. sama2.. have a nice day too..

To janggeltrekker:
thanx for the compliment.. insyaAllah i will.. sama2..

To Fazrul Shahril:
wsalam.. Alhamdulillah sihat. yup.. spain mmg sgt cantik!! insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, nanti u pun sampai jgk.. :)

To beruangbuncit:
wsalam.. sama2.. thanx for the compliment.. :)

To PrinCeSs NuR:
dah sampai?? bagus2.. it is awesome indeed..

To BalQis:
waa.. ye ke.. bagus2.. granada sehari pun dah cukup sebenarnye.. Alhambra je laa main attraction yg ade kat situ.. kalau u nak stay 2 hari pun ok je.. tak gi cordoba?? same laa mcm u pegi france, tapi tak gi paris.. cordoba was the capital of Islamic Andalusia laa Balqis.. rugi kalau tak pegi.. kalau u nak mintak tolong ape2 lg, add laa me on YM

To Mawar:
wsalam. sama2.. waa ye ke.. nanti saya tgk.. hehe.. salam kenal too

To Wahidah:
thanx for dropping by. hahah.. ye ke.. terharu bile awak cakap camtu.. thanx for the compliment..

To fiza:
salam.. oow ye ke.. heheh.. alhamdulillah.. rezeki masing2..

To fadzlina shukri:
wsalam.. sama2.. waa.. nak gi spain dis hols?? best2.. kalau nak mintak tlg ape2, jgn segan2 k..

To mazzein:
salam.. bagus2.. insyaAllah satu hari nanti Islam akan bangkit semula..

ilmu Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 12:54:00 PM GMT+8  


Beruntungnya kamu...saya paling hendak melawat ke sana...

Anonymous Thursday, December 25, 2008 at 8:20:00 PM GMT+8  

xdpt tngk video pon.

AiNa~ Friday, September 3, 2010 at 12:36:00 AM GMT+8  

good article..berkobar2 smngt nk kumpul duit n g spain~

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