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>> Friday, December 08, 2006

Most of us know how Islam was really flourishing in Europe for 700 years (8-15th century), particularly in the Southern part of Spain or better known as the region of Andalusia during the period of Medieval Time or Middle Ages or also known as the Dark Ages according to the Europeans. Cities like Cordoba, Granada, Seville & Toledo were the modernest cities in the whole Europe at that time. In Cordoba, the capital city of Islamic Empire in Spain, people live in proper houses made of bricks & there were even lamp posts on the roads while people in other part of Europe were still living in wooden houses, suffering from the feudalism system & tension from the Church. Religion, knowledge & culture were the top priorities of the Muslim people back in those years. Names like Ibnu Rusyd, Ibnu Sina and many more were so famous because of their knowledge & contributions.

Nevertheless, this great empire was soon getting weaker & weaker from days to days. This was seen as a great opportunity for Christian kingdoms of Northern Spain to reconquer the land of Spain from the Muslims. Their mission was called 'Reconquista' which means Reconquest in English. From time to time, one by one Muslim cities like Cordoba, Seville, Toledo & many more fell into their hands. In the year of 1492, Granada, the last Muslim's stronghold in Spain also eventually fell into the hands of Ferdinand II of Aragon & his queen, Isabella of Castille. This means Christian kingdoms of Northern Spain have officially succeeded with their mission to reconquer the land of Spain for the Christian people from the Muslims. And they eventually forced all Muslims & Jews who lived in Spain to convert to Christianity. This order was called as 'Inquisición' or Inquisition in English. It was established to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms & also as an act of cleanliness of blood in Spain. Those who didn't want to convert were expelled from Spain & have their assets seized. Some were even killed. It was indeed a very ruthless action.

This is just a short story from the history of Islam in Spain. To those who are interested to know more about it, I'd like to recommend you guys to watch these documentaries. It is important to know that without Islamic civilisation in Spain back in the Middle Ages, there won't be Renaissance & there won't even be a modern & civilised Europe that we see these days. All knowledge that they have today are all sourcing from the Islamic Spain during the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, some still don't want to admit this. So, enjoy watching these documentaries:


b) ISLAM IN EUROPE: WHEN THE MOORS RULED IN EUROPE (9:55) (I just embed only Part 1. There are 11 parts all together. You guys can watch the rest parts on You Tube)

p/s: Geeez.. I just realised how I love history so much. Hahaha.

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